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Quite The Pipes


What a set of pipes! Andy Petersen Jr. is not just blowing smoke. The Davenport man has a talent for making smoking pipes.

In his basement workshop, he devotes hours to making Italian Briarwood Pipes. He combines art and engineering. Petersen says the more precise the work, the better the pipe is going to smoke.

The shape of the block of wood determines the design. He also does the staining work. From start to finish, it takes 10-12 hours to make a pipe.

Petersen began doing this work in 2007, and since then has gained national attention for his shapes, designs, and styles. The pipes also have names. The Blowfish. The Volcano. A Dublin.

There are about twenty full time pipe makers in the United States. Some of the best pipes sell for thousands of dollars. 

Andy has made about 200 pipes in five years, selling many of them. You'll even find him puffing away while he is in his workshop.   

He is self taught, and that's no pipe dream!