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Modified Food.. Iowa Lawmakers Care


Iowa.. Likes to grow it's corn.

In fact, they've grown more corn than any other state every year in the last 20. 

But in order to maintain that, it must survive the harsh Iowa Summer's. And it may need some help to do that. 

That help is coming in form of Genetically Modified Organisms - or GMO's.

These are seeds that have been altered to repel bugs and help the plant be more resilient to the elements. 

But now, Iowa lawmakers are considering labeling these products in supermarkets, making sure you are making the most informed choice available. 

But local farmers are just looking to make the most product available for the world that they can. 

"I personally believe it keeps the plant healthier," says Davenport farmer Robb Ewoldt. 

Ewoldt has been using genetically modified seeds for over 15 years. 

He says he sees higher yields in his fields , making him more money, and saving you dollars at the check-out. 

"If people choose to go with a non-GMO, it's going to cost more because there won't be near the supply"

But, when Iowa Senate gets ready to discuss this, they will want to know one simple question: How much do you care about your food?

Phil Fosdyck of Davenport is easy going about it saying, "I don't think genetically modifying food is too big of an issue so I don't see any reason to mark it."

Addie Kruse agrees: "I personally don't care if my food has been altered. I feel I'm old enough enough that my body is done developing."

Iowa Senate will possibly bring this to the floor when the reconvene on January 14th.