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Totally Unleashed


It's a forty five minute workout filled with music, movement, and the pursuit of healthy living. They call it an exercise class where participants get totally unleashed. Welcome to BodyCombat.

The instructor, Stacia Carroll, is a bundle of energy. She leads the class in exercises built around mixed martial arts. Boxing, striking, punching, and kicking their way through calories.

BodyCombat had its beginnings in New Zealand. Les Mills started the program. Every three months, the class features new music and choreography designed by master trainers and mixed martial arts experts.

Participants say it is a stress reliever. It's a class combining cardio vascular exercise and strength training. Stacia teaches at the Bettendorf Family Y.

Stacey Seymour says after a workout she feels more fit and self confident. Chris Meier says she has seen several healthy changes in her body. She calls it total toning.

Stacia Carroll says the class is a great way to empower people and  help improve both their physical and mental health.