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Iowa DOT: TravMultiple Traffic Incidents Being Reported


AMES, IOWA – Jan. 30, 2013; 1:15 p.m. update – Roads, bridges, overpasses and ramps remain slick in many locations in Iowa. Numerous accidents, blockages, backups and jackknifed trucks have been reported throughout the day. Some incidents can take considerable time to clear.

Of particular concern this afternoon is the persistent blowing snow over east-west roadways in open areas, which is causing glazing of roadway surfaces. Patchy slick spots can be encountered at any time. Traveling under these conditions requires. 

  • Drivers to give their full attention to the driving task.
  • Reduced travel speeds.
  • Staying back from the vehicles ahead as they could make erratic, sudden maneuvers.
  • Everyone in the vehicle to wear seat belts at all times.
  • Patience, give yourself added time to get to your destination and don't be the cause of an accident by driving too fast for conditions or cutting in and out in traffic.

The heaviest concentration of precipitation at this time is centered on an area that generally extends from Marshalltown east to Cedar Rapids and Iowa City; and from Ottumwa north to Waterloo. Traffic will be more difficult in this area. This includes parts of I-80, I-380 and U.S. 218. A winter storm warning remains in effect until 6 p.m. for the eastern third of the state.

If you plan to travel today, check road conditions by visiting or calling 511 in Iowa or 800-288-1047 nationwide. You can also follow the Iowa DOT on Facebook or Twitter.

AMES, Iowa – Jan. 30, 2013; 11 a.m. update – The Iowa State Patrol has issued a "no travel is advised" statement in association with roadways in the northeast and parts of east central Iowa. This includes major highways such as I-80, I-380, U.S. 20, U.S. 63. U.S. 151 and U.S. 218. It also affects cities in the region such as Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Marshalltown, Waterloo, Dubuque and Decorah.

Snow is continuing to fall in all but the western third of the state and strong winds persist statewide. The Iowa DOT's road weather information system is reporting that air and pavement temperatures remain below freezing; and the wind is gusting from 24 to 39 mph. This is reducing visibility, especially in the open, rural areas. The wind is also causing ice to glaze on the east-west roadways.

Postpone travel if possible in the "no travel advised" areas and check road conditions prior to any essential travel. Visit or call 511 in Iowa or 1-800-288-1047 nationwide. Go to this website for information about how to follow the Iowa DOT on Twitter or Facebook, or with your mobile device.

AMES,Iowa– Jan. 30, 2013 - 9 a.m. update – Precipitation ends in western third of Iowa, helping to improve travel conditions in that part of the state. Most of the snow is occurring east of a line stretching from Storm Lake, Denison, Atlantic and Creston. Visibility in rural, open areas is still reduced at times due to the blowing snow.

Travel is not being advised at this time in east centralIowawhere snowfall is heavy and strong winds persist. This includes parts of I-80 and I-380; and cities of Knoxville, Marshalltown, Cedar Rapids and Iowa City.

Monitor travel conditions throughout the day by visiting or calling 511 inIowaor 800-288-1047 nationwide. Follow the Iowa DOT on Twitter @iowadot or @statewide511.

AMES, Iowa – Jan. 30, 2013; 8:20 a.m. update – Professional truck drivers face tremendous challenges during a winter storm and can offer persons considering travel valuable insights about road conditions and traffic tie-ups.

That's why the Iowa Department of Transportation is urging drivers to be part of Iowa's traffic information social media network on Twitter and Facebook. During your next break or fuel stop, take a moment to share your observations and experience.

Throughout the storm, while using social media:

  • Use the traffic hashtag: The Iowa DOT is using the hastag #iatraffic during this event and recommends that other Twitter users do the same to find relevant tweets using that key phrase.@
  • Geotag photos and video: All smartphones have global positioning systems because of enhanced 911 service. If you are a social media user who likes to share photos and video during winter storms, be sure the geotagging feature on your mobile device is enabled. Then the location of where your photo or video was taken will be tagged. @
  • Follow us: All traffic-related news releases and traffic incident reports are posted on the Iowa DOT's Twitter accounts. Search for either @iowadot or @statewide511.@
  • Tell us what you are seeing: Your information could be invaluable to others who are considering travel. You can also be another set of eyes for the Iowa DOT.@ When posting to Twitter reference @iowadot in your post. Tag us in your posts and photos on Facebook.  

The Iowa DOT will be monitoring social media conversation during this event and using the public's observations to help direct resources to problem areas. Being part of the traffic information social media network, as either a follower or contributor, enhances everyone's safety.

AMES, Iowa – Jan. 30, 2013: 7 a.m. update – Iowa travel conditions have deteriorated this morning due to heavy snow and high winds. Visibility is reduced, with periods of whiteout conditions.

The Iowa Department of Transportation's road weather information system is presently reporting wind gusts in the mid 30s; and sustained winds from 15-25 mph. WeatherView is available to the public at; it offers valuable travel information like pavement temperatures, precipitation and wind speeds, as well as camera views.

The Iowa DOT's traffic speed monitors are also indicating significant slowdowns and backups in the central and eastern parts of the state. Some temporary road blockages due to crashes or jackknifed vehicles have been reported this morning.

A National Weather Service winter storm warning remains in effect. If you must travel, put extra space between your vehicle and those ahead, ensure all passengers are wearing their seat belts and slow down for conditions.

For 24/7 Iowa road condition information, visit or call 511 in Iowa or 800-288-1047 nationwide.

Follow us on Twitter and get all the Iowa DOT's news and active traffic incident reports. Search for @iowadot or @statewide511.

Be part of Iowa's traffic information social media network. Help others by sharing your travel experience, photos and video. Use the hashtag #iatraffic and mention @iowadot in your posts.

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