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New Survey For Illinois School Districts


Schools in Illinois are sending their students home with a letter to parents, letting them know about a new survey mandated by the state.

It's called the "Illinois 5Essentials" survey and students, teachers and parents are being asked to fill it out.

While the actual survey questions will differ, the goal is the same. To improve the schools in Illinois.

"Hopefully, when teachers, students and parents sit down to take this survey it's with the interest of their school and their school district at heart," said Riverdale Schools Superintendent, Ron Jacobs.

In the past, school districts in Illinois have been assessed primarily on test score data. Never before was there a formal survey of the learning conditions of a school or district, until now.

But there are concerns, like whether or not the students will take the survey seriously while filling it out.

"That is absolutely my concern," said Jacobs.

School leaders want to make sure students know how important it is to give honest feedback --

"Letting them know that the decisions that they make, and the answers that they give, are still going to impact them in the future and the kids who come after them," said Principal Josh Temple, Riverdale Elementary. "So, it's kind if like giving them an opportunity to leave a legacy."

The entire "Illinois 5Essentials" survey is filled out online. The surveys have to be completed by March 31. The results will be available this summer and published on the state report card this fall.