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Big Plans For Big Island

Updated: Feb 18, 2013 10:20 PM CST

Big plans for Big Island.

The land purchased by Rock Island just days ago could be the home to a mix of stores and apartments.

Bringing millions in new tax revenue.

It'll be a plan to fill in the gap of services around Jumer's casino.

Attracting gas stations and restaurants, as well as big box retailers.

The study shows those are needed immediately, and with 32-thousand drivers passing by each day, city leaders say this is a huge step forward.

"Allow the consumer to come out and take part and have a great amenity and retail opportunities within the city," says fourth ward Alderman PJ Foley. He says the map shows great things for Rock Island and the Quad Cities. New stores to attract tourists and more sales tax receipts to help city residents.

"Ultimately it will help our roads, our infrastructure, sewer, water, ultimately our tax payer to keep the line on property taxes or even lower them," says Foley.

The plan will not take effect overnight. A portion of the levee needs to be moved for a new road into the site. Getting approval from the Army Corps of Engineers takes up to a year and a half. Second ward alderman David Conroy says that's nothing new.

"There's a lot of projects that start and take 4-5 years, when Schweibert park was built we started that two years ahead of time, so a year and a half two years, don't look at that, look at where we'll be ten years from now," says Conroy.

The development study shows Rock Island could see two point four million dollars in new sales tax receipts heading into the city. Helping round out the benefit Jumer's casino brings to the city.

"It's out there all by itself, so now if you attach this type of amenity through the retail value of Jumers it provides a nice marketable destination," says Jumers President Therin Protze.

Growing the city's retail and non-gaming revenues by filling in a gap between Rock Island's core and its casino.

The levee changes will need to be approved by Milan and conservation district officials before being sent to the Corps of Engineers.

Rock Island's city administrator says once the levee changes are approved the city can begin approaching retailers.