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A Sign Of The Times In Iowa


Call it what you want.

The Digital Age, A Changing of the Guard. 

Call it what you want- but it's here. Loud and clear. 

Today - Dish Network announced they will be closing all of the remaining Blockbuster video stores in Iowa - save one in Ankeny. 

Dish - who bough Blockbuster - said this is part of a larger plan to close 300 stores nationwide. 

So, are the days of going to the video store over?

One business in Milan certainly hopes not. 

Choice Video is a local video store in Milan, IL. 

They say that business is still alive and well here. 

"On a Friday or Saturday night, it's like family night here," says Owner Debbie Moseley. "It's packed."

She says she has heard the rumbles of a changing business before but she believes her place is here to say.

"People want to be hands on, touch the movies. And that's what keeps them coming back."

And despite four Redbox's surrounding Choice Video, their sales continue to grow. 

"I like to come here because we like to support local business," says Kim Patterson, a customer of two years. "I like to discuss our movie choices with the staff and they tell me what's good and make suggestions on what we should rent."

But - the local store is also looking toward the future - marketing for the modern cinema lover. 

They have started to offer digital copies of films - allowing the customer to download a movie from the Internet and watch it on their mobile devices.