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Driving Distracted Could Mean More in Iowa


Do you like to change the station while you're driving?

Maybe plug in the ipod to listen to that new playlist? 

Of course you do! But in Iowa - that may not be the smartest idea. 

The Iowa Legislature is currently debating a bill that would expand what distracted driving mean - And it could mean a lot more than just texting and driving.

Currently - it's tough to get caught for distracted driving in Iowa. It's considered a secondary offense so the only way you can get a ticket for it is if you are doing something else illegal that gets you pulled over. (i.e. speeding, running into things)

But if this bill passes through the legislature and the governors office - driving distracted would become a primary offense. This means if you are swerving out of your lane because you are distracted - you get a ticket. 

"I think it's a good thing," says Kimberly Cartwright. "I have been in several accidents where I have been hit by someone that has been putting makeup on or eating or changing the radio."

The current version of the bill also calls for heavier penalties.

Offenders could face up to 180 days of a suspended license and $1000 fine.