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A Week for Eating in the QCA


Do you love to eat?

If you answered yes - which I would hope you did - this is the week for you. 

The first ever Restaurant Week has come to the Quad Cities and it has patrons and owners both singing praises. 

26 restaurants have come together with the Quad Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau to promote eating local - rather than going to a chain. 

The reason for this?

Well, for many of us - eating out is easy. We have our regular places we like to go and we may even get the same things at those places. 

But all around the QCA - local owners are working hard to get your business.

"As a new restaurant, it's important for us to get our name out there," Says Pepperjack's Owner, Wesley Ludloff. "It's important to become a part of the restaurant community here."

Pepperjacks opened in Davenport and has only been open since October. 

After revamping the menu a couple times and getting the staff just right - Pepperjack's is ready for the big push. And this week seems like a good week to start. 

"We think it's a great even to get locals out to local event," Ludloff adds. "People should give us a try because we have a lot to offer as a local place."

But restaurant week isn't just for new businesses - it's also for the staples of the QC, like Johnny's Steak house -  who after 10 years ago still trying to make the perfect first impression. 

"For us, it's about trying out new products and bringing in new customers, "Assistant Director of Johnny's Shaun Staron. "the QC is still expanding and there is new places coming into the area. So competing with them and bringing in new business is a plus as well."

Part of the week is restaurants offering cheaper meals. 

There will be $15 two for the price of one lunches and $25 multi course dinners available at most places.