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Dixon Teachers Still On Strike, No Deal Reached


Dixon School officials and teachers did *not reach an agreement in a meeting that lasted until nearly two this morning. That means a teacher strike that started yesterday will continue today and schools are still closed.

Reps from both sides negotiated for nearly 7 hours talking about the strike that effectively shut down school yesterday, keeping 2,800 kids out of class. Friday will be day two of that, and reps from both sides say they don't want this to drag on any longer than it has to.

Teachers will continue to strike outside of the schools they teach at, walking up and down main streets and bridges holding up signs saying they'd rather be in their classrooms and that they wanted to be appreciated and paid for the work they do.

They've been negotiating that pay  and more for months. Sticking not only on raises, but also new textbooks and new technology, as well as the addition of more teachers.

The school board and union were optimistic that they'd reach a deal over night but after hours of negotiations, no deal was made. Both sides want to end the strike, getting teachers off the picket lines and back in the classroom.

We're told some progress was made but main sticking points were undecided on.

"There's no contract settlement this evening. Things just didn't happen that way," said Union Lead Negotiator Dolph Ricks.

"There were some tentative agreements reached and that's always good but there are still some pretty big issues out there, but those are things we're gonna talk about," said Superintendent Michael Juenger.

The school board and teacher's union are excited to finally be able to talk at the same table Friday, they'll be meeting from 10AM-1PM. They will not be meeting on Saturday. Talks will start on Sunday at 1 PM. They will also meet Monday and Tuesday night.

Teachers say they will strike Monday-Friday until a deal is reached.