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Morrison Businesses Dealing With Flooding


Heavy rain over the weekend fell on snow and frozen ground, and the melting has begun throughout the area.
In some areas, rivers and streams are pushed over flood stage.

The city of Morrison is surrounded by two very large creeks and because of melting snow and continuous rainfall, the creeks are bursting from their banks.
Now, many businesses along Highway 30 are left to deal with floodwater capable of closing up shop. 

Floodwater is only inches away from the Family Chef restaurant but thanks to some early morning emergency assistance, the business should stay dry.

"We got to the point, we've got to call the fire department and help us out, to put some sand down and protect our business," Family Chef Restaurant owner Ray Dzeladini said.

These sandbags, filled and placed by volunteers hands, are fighting the encroaching floodwater and keeping it in the parking lot and out of the restaurant.

"We've never seen something like this but everybody just came together, helping each other," Dzeladini said. "This is great."

Still, other businesses have succumbed to the rising waters.

"It gets to be too much, there's too much water," Schuler Motors owner Mark Schuler said. "It's pretty wet. There's about 8 inches of water inside the building."

Schuler Motors is now surrounded by floodwater and is a mess inside. But, the owner did what he could to move cars, car parts and important records to higher ground.

"There's going to be some things damaged but that's the way it goes," Schuler said.

Now, Schuler must leave his business in the hands of mother nature.