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"Canine Assistant" Given To 13-Year-Old In East Moline


A Quad City 13-year-old has a new four-legged friend.
Adam Todd suffers from seizures and has difficulty performing some everyday tasks and today he was welcomed into the "Canine Assistants" family in East Moline. 
The service dog will be trained to meet Adam's specific needs, like help with opening doors and obtaining help in case of an emergency. 
We talked to another recipient of this program who said it has changed his life.

"Before I had London, I was under 24 hour watch. I couldn't go anywhere by myself. I wasn't independent," Mitch Peterson said of his dog. "After I got him, I was going everywhere on my own. Telling my parents to leave me alone."

"Canine Assistants" is a non-profit organization that provides service dogs like this one to people with different disabilities at no cost to the recipient.