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Spreading A Message in Dewitt


As the national debate over gun control rages on Capitol Hill - it is also hitting close to home.

Aaron Thomas - son of former Aplington-Parkersburg football coach Ed Thomas - spoke in Dewitt on Sunday - spreading a message of forgiveness and adversity.

But when he spoke of what is going on today - he says lawmakers are focusing on the wrong issue. 

When speaking to crowds - Aaron Thomas likes to talk about a lot of things. 

About how his father is a figurehead in a small Iowa town - believed in family, football, and forgiveness. 

But one thing he doesn't like to talk about - is guns.

"My father's incident was a bad deal where Mark Becker's (the man who shot Ed Thomas) dad- who has guns - and uses them the right way. This is a situation where Mark made a bad choice."

Aaron is an avid hunter - who owns guns. 

He says the gun the killed his father wasn't the problem. 

It simply fell into the wrong hands. 

"It was a .22. It wasn't one of these funs that we seem to be hearing about with this whole gun control law."

So while Aaron and his family changed Iowa law - with the creation of the Ed Thomas law in 2009 - it doesn't mean he supports law at the national level concerning gun control. 

"The biggest thing for me is if something like what we went through can be prevented- they don't have to go through and experience what we did - with an issue of mental health. Then in my mind it's time well spent."