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Restaurants May Be Mallards Biggest Fans


The Quad City Mallards have come home. 

Down 2-0 in their playoff series - Many are hoping for a quick turn around for the men in green.

But none more - than the people behind the bar. 

And game night at TGI Friday's near the area - means big business.

"I would say it brings in an extra $2000-$3000 in sales for us every time they have a home game."

Manager Justin Hoffman has been managing for two years now. 

He says when the Mallards are good - it's hard not to notice.

"We have our regulars that go to every single game. They come in wearing their Mallards jerseys and it's a big thing for us."

With more games to Moline - Hoffman hopes for an even bigger crowd.

"I'd imagine with playoffs we'd get an extra $3000 in sales. That might be another $10,000 for us of the course of the three games."

Just a little ways away - the story is the same at Bent River Brewery.

With the team down the last couple years - management says sales have been lower in the Winter.

But with the recent success of the team - employees are just fine being a little busier.

"We will hopefully put a few extra people in the seats tonight," says GM Steve Cogdill.

Game nights bring in an extra few hundred dollars for Bent River. 

But - Cogdill says - more people in the Moline downtown - even if they aren't through his doors, is okay by him.

"WE like to do well obviously but the more business that comes down to the area - the better for everybody."