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Smoke Detector Testing


It happens in more households than you think.

One minute you're cooking something over the stove. But, in the next minute, your smoke alarm goes off.

Many people take the batteries out of their smoke detectors in order to make the constant beeping stop. But don't. You may forget to put them back in.

"You never want to take the batteries out," said Lt. Mark Kakert, Davenport Fire Department. "The only time you want to take the batteries out is when you're replacing the battery."

You should replace the batteries when you change your clocks -- twice a year. But there are other things you should be doing, too.

Test your smoke detectors at least once a month by pressing the button on the front, ensuring the alarm sounds.

You should also make sure your smoke detectors are clean. Dust can create malfunctions.

Also, replace your smoke detectors every ten years. Many of them have expiration dates and fire crews say it's a good idea to abide by them.

50% of the households that have fires don't have working smoking smoke detectors. Damage has been done that could have been prevented with regular smoke alarm upkeep.

"Most fire deaths occur between 10:30 at night and 6:30 in the morning," said Kakert. "Most of us are sleeping at that time."

If you don't have a working smoke detector, you may not wake up during a blaze. Fire crews also recommend outfitting every room in your house with a smoke detector.

The louder the better.