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$21-Million In Improvements At Davenport's Central High


The Davenport school district is working on a $21-million project at Central High School. A public workshop sharing plans for a new pool and auditorium is being held at Central at 6:30pm. District leaders say the problem is facilities are outdated. They are asking parents what they would like to see, because many of them have been to pools and auditoriums at other schools.

"This is the same pool and the same auditorium as when I went through here in the 1980's," says Central's Principal Robert Scott.

Scott has been working with the district for years trying to build new facilities.

"We're not able to host all of our events in our current auditorium," says Scott, "For example, in show choir the stage has to be a certain size to host those events."

Another problem is the sound system. Every time there's an event the sound system has to be set up manually, which takes a lot of time. The district looked into renovating the current auditorium, but it would cost millions. So, they are going to build a new auditorium on the south side of the school.

"We love being inside the building. We looked off sight as well and just having it on campus to get daily use out of it is a huge benefit for us," says the principal.

Another project the district is diving into is building a new pool.

"The pool originated in the 1960's," says Scott.

The pool has 4 lanes which is an issue during P.E. classes and swim meets.

"The biggest thing is practice time," says Scott, "We usually have 35 to 40 swimmers on a team so the practices are more lengthy."

Having a small pool also means central cannot host large meets.

"Moving forward is trying to find a pool that has 6 to 8 lanes. Most districts and state meets are going to be held in those size pools," says Scott.

Building a new pool and auditorium isn't cheap. It will cost $21-million. The money will come from the one cent sales tax which can only be used for facility upgrades. Construction is projected to start on the new auditorium and pool in about a year. If everything goes according to plan they should open by the start of the 2016 school year.

Several other public workshops will be held about the project. They are on April 30th, May 14th, May 29th, June 11th and June 25th. They will all be held at Central High's auditorium at 6:30pm.