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First of Many Opportunities on the Arsenal


Thousand of soldiers, veterans and civilian military workers turned up to the Arsenal today.. But it wasn't to work.

They were there for a first of it's kind opportunity.

The first ever Arsenal job fair was held. 

53 potential employers were looking for new employees this morning - in fields from manufacturing to healthcare.

"I'm happy to see the military is setting us up for success in the future. Especially being so young."

This is the words of Coast Guard member, Ashley Rohr.

She joined the guard when she was 18 years old. 

Now - after nearly seven years of service - she is looking for someone to give her an opportunity for the next phase of her life.

"A lot of us do this for a career but we get in so young and retire when we are forty. It gives us an opportunity to do another 20 years somewhere else with the knowledge we already have from the military."

Ashley wasn't alone today.

Hundred of current military member, veterans and civilian members turned up today with their families, trying to catch the eye of an employer.

And with the help of a job fair - it can make finding a job easier for those who are used to a different way of life.

"The civilian world is much different than that of the military," says John Mannix of the CBWT. "I's much more relaxed compared to what we do. Different structure but a lot of the same things go into it. Hard work and dedication into whatever company you are working for."

And for the employers at the fair - they say they couldn't be happier to have a chance to hire someone with a military background.

"Overall I would say they are very familiar with the pack of work that we do," says Jeff Richland, Alcoa, "If you go out into general public, not really. You have to get them more acclimated. Military folks already have that experience."

And others say the training received in the military is almost unheard of anywhere else in the world.

"Right now we are looking for bio-techs," says Aaron Van Lauwe of Trinity, "We feel they have better training there than almost anywhere else. So we would almost prefer the amount of the kind of training they get. That kinds of hands on work."

Another job fair is scheduled for September 4th.