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Choosy Kids


There are some very "Choosy" children at Jefferson School in Milan. The kids in the Head Start program are learning to eat healthy and exercise the "Choosy" way.

The kids sing along and dance to music. Choosy is the superhero of health. The national mascot and America's Partner in the Prevention of Childhood Obesity.

The cartoon character, Choosy stands for Choose Healthy Options and Start Young. Choosy lets kids know there are choices they can make to live a healthier lifestyle.

Jefferson School has the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program. The kids eat apples, drink water, and do lots of exercise to elevate their heart rate.

Teacher Michele McDonald says the curriculum is based around the theme: I Am Moving. I Am Learning. She notices a difference in the classroom. Being active and exercising helps the children to focus better on their classroom work. McDonald says the preschool age is the perfect time to instill healthy habits in children.

Choosy is the mascot for many Head Start Programs nationwide.