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A Finish to the Floods

Updated: April 28, 2013 09:52 PM CDT

80 tons of waste.

That's what the flood has caused in West Liberty, Iowa.

And this weekend - the cleanup effort came to a close for many in the 350 homes that saw flood waters.

That's about a quarter of the houses in the town of 3700.

And according to city workers - that estimate could even be a little low.

Two creeks run on either side of the city.

Those spilled over their banks causing massive flooding and sewer backups.

Over the last two day - people have started to dig out and bring their waste to dumpsters provided by the city.

And with every ton hauled away - people are one step closer to being able to move on.

"My own house had 13 inches of water."

This was the Chris Ward's story, City Manager in West Liberty.

His story just one of many getting tossed around near the dumpsters.

"It was bubbling out of manholes in the streets. Bubbling right in the middle of the street," says city employee Dustin Noble. "It's the worst I've seen it. I've worked here for seven years and lived here my entire life."

10 dumpsters sat in a row Sunday - filling up and hauled away, over and over again.

Taking with it couches, drywall and more.

West Liberty will end up paying for all of this to be taken to a landfill - about $60 for every ton.

But city leaders say the price is worth it to make sure people don't simply dump in ditches or burn the trash - ruing air quality.

Some people say they saw as much as 7 feet of water in their basements.

But today - many feel the nightmare of a flood is finally coming to a close.