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West Side Diversion Tunnel Project Continues


As roads in Davenport start to reopen after being closed for two weeks, unfortunately, many others will close for Spring construction. Work on the West Side Diversion Tunnel project resumes Wednesday.

The project, which upgrades Davenport's sanitary sewer system, has three phases. Phase one is complete, phase two will be finished in June, and this morning preparation for phase three has begun. 

What does this mean for you?

For drivers on the West end of Davenport, near Duck Creek and Williams Intermediate School, they will see effects on road closures and traffic.

Many residents will also be subject to construction noise, workers, and equipment.

One of the big changes you'll notice is the sidewalk behind Williams Intermediate is closed to pedestrian traffic. An extension from Pacific is installed and ready to use.

You'll also notice the Duck Creek Bike path will be closed starting today. There is a detour in place. It runs from the tennis courts, West of Division, to Silver Creek. 

The tunneling portion of the project is now complete, the carrier pipe has been installed in the tunnel dug, and the dewatering wells are being removed in some locations.

In simpler terms, this infrastructure project will target failing sewers while improving the capacity and flow of the city's sewer system. The system handles a flow of roughly 30 million gallons of sewage a day. 

Main concerns about the project are over children. Some are worried about children being near the construction site.

"I've got a lot of concerns with the kids in the neighborhood and they see a big hole like that and possible full of water," said Davenport Alderman Ray Ambrose.

Phase two of the project is expected to be complete in June. The entire project is predicted to be finished by next Fall.