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Sudlow Students Get Introduced To The Uke!


Music teacher Dan Pepper decided that his students at Sudlow Intermediate School in Davenport needed a new experience. Pepper wanted to teach his sixth graders how to play the ukulele, thinking that would get more kids fired up about music.

Pepper says some students were not embracing music the way he hoped they would. What to do? Pepper created a video, fund raising campaign with the intention of buying ukuleles.

He pitched his idea to the folks at Kickstarter. That is an online fundraising tool. The people at Kickstarter liked the video. The site went live, and it got enough backing from donors for Pepper to purchase thirty ukes and music books. The goal was to raise about fourteen hundred dollars. The project managed to raise more than sixteen hundred.

The students are loving it. They have been practicing on the instruments for about a month. Some students say they enjoy the sound and the finger placement needed to play the ukulele. As a result of Pepper's initiative, more than two hundred students at the school have access to the instrument. There is also an after school ukulele club.

The students also plan to record a song before the school year is over.