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Increasing Security in Knox Co.


It all started in December.

A string of 40 burglaries reported in Knox County.

Now - two people sit behind bars on 25 counts of burglary and theft in the small town of Altona.

But for the 550 people living there - life is different now.

Rich Cantrell was one of the victims - two men came into his garage while Rich and his family slept.

"They took my wallet and GPS. All the things you aren't supposed to leave in your car while it is unlocked. But it was in my garage so I though it was safe but evidently nothing is safe anymore."

Cantrell says Altona has a different feel these days.

"It's changed a small town in a big way only because everybody is on guard. Everybody is watching everybody. And of course, everybody in a small town is knows everybody so anything that seems suspicious gets people uneasy and jumping the gun a little bit."

So Cantrell decided to take his families safety to the next level - setting up 6 security cameras in an outside of this home.

"I'm not the only one," Cantrell says. "I know there are several people in Altona and from surrounding towns that have put up security systems all because of this."

But just having them in place isn't enough for this theft victim.

"Every time it goes off, my cell phone rings and I can watch what's happening there right on my phone. It's pretty neat now but it's too bad it had to go that far."