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Quad Citians Weigh In On Recommendation To Lower The DUI Limit


     A push to get even tougher on drunk driving.  The National Transportation Safety Board is now recommending states lower the blood-alcohol content from 0.08 to 0.05 in an effort to reduce fatal crashes.
     According to the NTS, nearly 10,000 people die in alcohol related crashes and 170 thousand are injured each year. It's believed that if all states change the limit to 0.05 1,000 lives could be saved each year.
     "It means we're going to be taking a little more care and pay attention to the guests that are drinking," said Sabien Minteer, a sever at Great River Brewery in Moline.
     The general rule of thumb is for a 170 pound male to hit the .08 threshold is 4 to 5 drinks within an hour. Reaching .05 would take a drink or two less. However, the majority of DUI's are well over that says Rock Island County Sheriff Jeff Boyd.
      "It's not typically even close. Typically they're still in that .10 and above range," said Boyd.
     There's a gray area as it is now where you can actually be convicted of driving drunk even if you're between .05 and .08. Boyd sees positives and negatives to a change. "From a police perspective it would help, but without looking at all the stats I don't know if .05 is just kind of window dressing."
     While there may be good intentions some think moving the legal limit would criminalize perfectly responsible behavior.  "Lowering it to .05 if it's enforced you're going to pick up more people that just stopped for a beer after work," said Moline resident David Feeney. "If the law says .08 and it is enforced I think that's just fine."
     The last move from 0.10 to 0.08 blood-alcohol levels took 21 years for all states to implement. The NTSB also suggests installing ignition interlocks for all drunk driving offenders.