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Maquoketa Police Ask For Information In Home Invasion Shooting


The Maquoketa Police Department and Crime Stoppers of Jackson County are looking for more information about a home invasion that happened on April 25th. Authorities say 63-year old Jerry Edwards was shot while struggling with the intruder. However, that was not the only time Edwards was robbed, he was also the victim of another home invasion in January. His daughter and police are asking for help, because they're worried the 63-year old may have been considered an easy target.

"Someone who's that vulnerable, it's just sick that they're going after people like that," says Edwards daughter Sara DeSotel.

DeSotel's father, Jerry Edwards, is disabled. He lost a leg due to diabetic complications. DeSotel says her dad was sitting in his wheelchair when the 2nd robbery happened.

"He keeps a gun loaded with him and luckily it was with him in the kitchen, but they struggled over it," says DeSotel, "I don't know who's finger was on the trigger, but it went off."

Edwards was shot in the abdomen. He was air lifted to Iowa City where he underwent surgery. His injuries left him in a lot of pain.

"This was so far from where I had ever seen him before," adds DeSotel, "It was so upsetting that I questioned if that was even my dad."

Edwards was also robbed in January. He was in the house sleeping and didn't hear anything, but his prescription medications were stolen.

"He needs those medications, he has chronic pain," says Edwards Daughter.

Edwards wallet was stolen and the thief charged thousands of dollars on his debit card before the crime was discovered . A person has been charged that crime. Edwards daughter worries that others who live alone and are known to take prescription medications may also become targets. 

"There are a lot of people who are vulnerable that have these medications," says DeSotel, "I think people in the community should be concerned about it."

Edwards is out of the hospital, but he's still recovering. The large open wound makes him vulnerable to infection, and his diabetes can slow the healing process if not carefully controlled.

"He is in no means out of the woods yet," adds DeSotel.

Edwards plans to eventually return to his home in Maquoketa, where he has lived for nearly 30-years. De Sotel grew up in that house and adds, "He said to me, "I am not going to let them run me out of my house."

DeSotel is installing a security system to ensure her dad's safety.

If you have any information about this case you are asked to call Maquoketa Police at 563-2468 or Crime Stoppers of Jackson County at 563-652-2212.