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Man Comes To The Rescue Of Moline Snakes


Officers busted into a home serving a search warrant and found more than two dozen snakes this week.

While none of the snakes were poisonous, ball pythons are banned in Moline because they're constrictors. That's a type of snake that coils around it's prey and squeezes.
In order to avoid fines and any other penalties, the owner of the snakes had to find somebody to take the pythons out of this home, fast.

Jim Stelpflug drove an hour and a half from Wisconsin in order to give a couple dozen ball pythons a new home.

My understanding, the city of Moline was going to euthanize the snakes and fine him anywhere from 25 to 750 dollars per animal," snake breeder Jim Stelpflug said.
Police have not confirmed that the snakes would be euthanized but Stelpflug didn't want to take any chances.

"There's probably eight of them this size," Stelpflug said.
There were nearly 30 pythons living in the basement of this home, all of them ranging in size and color. The scene is described as a small snake-breeding operation.

"Very popular pet to have," Stelpflug said. "Ball pythons can be priced anywhere from $20 to $10-thousand."
These pythons are of African descent. The snakes grow to be anywhere from two to four feet.

"Nothing poisonous, nothing dangerous," Stelpflug said.
Still, they're not allowed to stay in Moline. So Jim offered to take them home where he already has his own snakes.

"Currently, probably about 1,000. We have a facility we breed animals at," Stelpflug said.
While he's happy to rescue the snakes, Jim admits he doesn't understand why they have to go.

"Well, 25 or 30 cats in the house you're going to have a stinking crazy mess," Stelpflug said. "Snakes are usually kept in manufactured plastic racks. You could house a lot of snakes in a small area."
Unfortunately the snakes can't stay.


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