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Illinois Issues Warning About New Synthetic Drug: 2CE


A warning about a new synthetic drug reaching our streets.

Like K2, and bath salts before it, this new drug, 2CE can be bought legally.

Health officials say 2CE causes someone to hallucinate.

Mimicking the effects of LSD.

The Illinois Poison Center says it began receiving calls from people trying to figure out what is causing a strange set of symptoms.

A rapid heart beat, high body temperatures, and hallucinations that can last up to 24 hours.

The center says 2CE is to blame, but the reason many people take the risk, is for the thrill of trying something new.

"A lot of them want to try things that they believe they can control and they believe will give them a sense of freedom, of spirit, it's kind of the right demographic," says Rock Island County Sheriff Jeff Boyd.

He served three tours with the Quad City drug task force. He says these types of drugs typically appeal to young people, usually 17 to 24, who may not know any better.

"I think the common denominator is the age, the level of where they're at and their maturity, and also experiencing the world," says Boyd.

That level of maturity helps make this new drug even more dangerous. The poison center says its effects can be a total mystery.

"Very often you don't know what's going to happen until you release these drugs onto the streets, people become the guinea pigs," says Chief Specialist Tony Burda.

Yet people still try these new drugs. Many of you on Facebook tell us the poison center's worries are real.

One mother said, "her son heard the hype about K2 and thought it was a safer choice and legal, big mistake! He had seizures, it scared him straight! Been clean and sober 3 years."

Another person regretted trying it.

"Your body starts feeling tingly or light. Your head starts spinning and you'll feel high for about 5 to 15 minutes. I will never do that again."

Some said they liked the synthetic drugs legal status.

"The appeal was it was legal."

Boyd says the legality is a huge driver for these drugs until the law catches up. Because the drugs that have been around the block,

"Cannabis, cocaine, and methamphetamine, there is no retail market for that, that's all black market," says Boyd.

A mixture that makes these new drugs toxic.

The sheriff says the best way to prevent this new drug from being used is educating people to its dangers.

However, he says people shouldn't be afraid to call for help if they know someone has taken the drug.