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Medical Marijuana.. A Splitting Issue


It doesn't seem to matter if you ask a man or a woman. 

Someone young or old.

The issue of legalizing medical marijuana for any purpose seems to push a lot of buttons.

The only thing that stands in the way of it becoming legal in Illinois is the signature of Governor Pat Quinn.

This after the state House and Senate both approved it.

The current version of the bill would allow doctors to prescribe 2.5 oz. of marijuana to a patient every two weeks.

The drugs would only be available from state licensed dispensaries - getting their supplies from state licensed growers.

But how the sales are controlled isn't the issue for many. 

It's simply an issue of right versus wrong.

"I don't believe it's necessary," says Sue Murrow. "I believe there is enough money out there  that goes into medical research that should be able to find the things the marijuana does."

But now people in Illinois may be getting access to it. 

But only if a doctor prescribes it. 

And that's only for certain conditions- like chronic pain and cancer, among others.

There is no timeline for when Governor Quinn will make his final decision.