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Clinton Prepares For Flooding


Clinton, Iowa will install floodgates at 9th Avenue North on Thursday, May 30, 2013.

On Wednesday night, the Mississippi River reached 12.1 feet, but by Thursday morning, it's just under 15 feet.

Flood gates are usually installed when the river is predicted to rise to 16 feet.

Back on April 18, 2013, when Clinton got its first round of flooding, water was spilling into the walkway and creeping up onto the boat ramp.

The city took precautions and closed their floodgates in preparation for any flooding.

Clinton built a dike as a result of the 1965 flood and since then, water hasn't disrupted day to day life like we often see, just down river in Davenport.

Mike Kearney, former council member and Clinton native is not worried about flooding.

"Basically for Clinton, high water is a non-issue. The big event is closing the gate at the closure."

Clinton city officials expect no damage due to the rising river waters.