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Education Reform One Step Away in Iowa


It's been a bill in the works for several years - but now education reform in Iowa is just the Governor's signature away from being signed into law.

But what does it really mean for students and teachers in the state?

One of the biggest things this bill does is set allowable growth into the future.

That term is used to say how much more money school districts will receive per student per year - on top of the $6,001 dollars they already get.

Knowing what to expect let's local schools plan for the future. 

And now the know they'll get 2% more next year and 4% the year after.

The bill also raises the minimum starting salary for new teachers - up to $32,000 per year. 

That is meant to keep talented young teachers in the state after they graduate college.

And this bill will mean a bigger push for more technology being used across the state. 

Lawmakers want to try and bring every district up to the same level in the coming years. 

There is more to the bill that deals with many different pieces of the educational system.