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Moline HyVee Throws Away Rotting Food During Outage


Employees of HyVee on Avenue of the Cities in Moline spent their Tuesday clearing shelves of rotting food.

"If there's any doubt, you're throwing it out," said manager of perishables, Pat Kernan. "It's just not worth the risk."

If it requires refrigeration, there's a good chance that employees tossed it in the dumpster. That includes all meat, dairy and much of the produce at the local grocery store.

This protocol is part of employee safety training. When the store went dark on Monday afternoon, and stayed that way for several hours, employees knew they'd soon have to clear the shelves.

"Once something gets in the danger zone at 40 degrees or higher, up to 135, we have a three hour window to either get it back down to temp or up to temp." Kernan said there was no way to keep food stored at a safe temperature after Monday's storm.

As soon as power is restored, the store will be re-stocked.

"We're deep-cleaning all the cases," Kernan said. "So, everything is being re-sanitized and cleaned so that when we do get power back up we can refill the shelves right away and get right back into business."

Dry goods may be the only items that customers can check off the grocery list but HyVee staff say that's okay. The priority is keeping customers safe.

"They can feel confident that when they do come back they won't have any bad products on the shelf," Kernan said.