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Tree Topples Onto Moline Home


Storm cleanup continues one for one family in Moline as crews worked to get a tree off the home Tuesday.


The family says they were in the garage when the tree toppled onto it.

"All of a sudden it just started swirling, and it must've been around 90 mph," Kerry Stafford says.

Stafford and his brother were watching the storms pass over their Moline neighborhood when things got out of control very quickly.

"It had his patio furniture spinning in his backyard, and all of a sudden it just came over his house and crashed into our house and knocked a tree over on top of the roof, and we all bailed down into the basement," he says.

The winds were so strong, they knocked an old tree onto the garage, crushing part of the home with the family inside.

"It was loud, we ran in the house, grabbed my mom and ran in the basement," Stafford says.

The damage doesn't end there; the storm took down trees in the family's backyard too.

"It took a path right over this house (across the street) and went over our house, knocked a tree into the house and out in the backyard, there's another big old tree down," Stafford says.

Thankfully no one was injured, but the family says the whole block has been without power since the storms hit late Monday afternoon.