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Rock Island County Sheriff Conducts Warrant Sweep


If there's a warrant for your arrest in Rock Island County, local law enforcement are looking for you.  

Friday was the first warrant sweep the sheriff's department has done since 2005. The sheriff gave offenders a little over a week to turn themselves in, but many warrants still haven't been cleared.  

So officers from several different police departments, sheriff's deputies and state troopers were all dedicated to doing just that Friday.  

The Rock Island County Sheriff's Department alone had 16 people out serving warrants, working their way down the list and trying to clear 8,000 warrants in the county and TV6 got to go along with. 

For Deputy Jamie Brown, serving a warrant is different every time.  

"You have no idea, you can answer the door and have a shot gun in your face, you never know what you're going to get," he says. 

But it's not always easy to track people down.  

"They won't answer the door, they know they're wanted so they'll tell a relative or whatever, (to say) ‘I'm not here, don't tell the police where I'm at,'" Brown says, "It's hit and miss." 

So it takes some work to get the job done. 

"When I serve warrants I kind of like to kind of scope the house out, try to window peek, especially at night," Brown says. 

Scoping out the house to see if anyone's inside and talking to whoever's home to find out where the person who's wanted is, but not everybody is cooperative. Brown says sometimes it takes a little more digging to find who you're looking for.  

A lot of work to bring in the wanted and clear the books.  

"It's kind of tough to snag them up, they get caught eventually," Brown says.