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Door To Door Magazine Sales Warning


A consumer alert for door to door magazine sales.

There is a group of people pursuing those sales in Davenport without a permit as of Friday.

The salespeople are selling magazines for Nation's Top Sales, based out of Alabama.

The company has an "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau because it's had 139 complaints filed with it over the last three years.

They're in town, and customers say the sales pitch seems kind of fishy.

"I could do it for him, I could buy them for children, I could buy them for the troops," says Troy Neal of Davenport.

A salesperson knocked on his front door around 12 Friday afternoon. He was selling magazines, and Neal says something just wasn't quite right.

"He tried too hard to be nice, he was over polite, saying sir, and this and that, and it was ok, calm down, don't be too polite, I know what you're trying to do."

Neal listened to the pitch and then told the salesperson no thanks.

"It did seem fishy because he said that all they take is checks or cash, and I said I don't have any checks and I don't have 25 dollars and he goes well what we could do is go get something from the ATM, you can cross out the numbers and just sign it and give it to me," says Neal.

If someone comes knocking at your front door trying to sell you something, you have the right to see their permit, it'll be a green piece of paper from the city, no photocopies allowed. If they can't produce it, the city will tell them to pay $300 to get one, or they'll tell them, to get out.

"We weren't aware that we needed the permits and we're actually not selling," says General Manager John Pirozzi.

We reached him by phone Friday afternoon. He says his group began selling, but stopped after they were approached by a police officer.

"Somebody just didn't know what we were doing, and called the police to check and it was me actually, talked to the police officer and he informed me that we needed permits," says Pirozzi.

He says they're going to get the required permits on Monday when city hall opens. Then they'll resume selling.

Davenport city officials say they can confiscate a salesperson's products if they don't carry a valid license.

The police department says don't let a door to door salesperson into your home.

If you feel uncomfortable about a salesperson, they encourage you to call 911 to protect yourself and your neighbors.