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It's a way for Quad City moms to connect with each other. A blog where moms write about the issues they have to deal with every day.  

They come from a variety of backgrounds, but all of these ladies have one thing in common.  They're all moms and they all have stories to tell.

"As a mom you feel alone at times, longing for a friend or someone to relate to you," said Camye Halvorson, Quad City Mom Blog creator. "So I just felt a need to get connected to other moms in the area."

That's why two years ago Halvorson created the Quad City Moms Blog, a site where moms write about the things they're dealing with, to help other moms dealing with the same issues. Some stories are funny, others serious. Some, the topics many women don't want to talk about.

"I struggled with post partum depression and my body didn't go back to the way it was before kids," said Heather Stocking. "So those were first two things I wrote about were those two struggles, kind of secretive in mom world."

The Quad City Moms Blog has 15 to 16 bloggers. Some have newborns, others older kids. Some work full time, others are stay at home moms. The goal is to connect with the women of the Quad Cities and let them know there's someone else out there, just like them.

"It's a go to place to get advice from real moms," Michelle Crawford said. "We put it out there like it is, tell you struggles and weaknesses there to help spread the word we're all in this together."

Blog topics have ranged from fashion to infertility.   

"Sometime you just need another mom to say I've been there and done that," Halvorson said.

There are mom makeovers and do it yourself projects. The writers say it's been as helpful to them, as it is to their readers.

"I think it's encouraging to write, but also to other readers just to live that conversation on line," Stocking said.