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What To Do In A Dog Attack


Tuesday night's dog attack in Clinton left one man in the hospital and marks the third in the QCA in recent months. In March, a boy in Galesburg died in after a dog attack, and this week, a dog attacked a father and son as they walked their dog in Davenport.  Both suffered deep puncture wounds.    

With the summer season and more people out and about, these incidents could happen more often. 

What makes a dog attack? TV6 asked the experts. 

"Sometimes it's a territorial issue, sometimes provocation, sometimes people unknowingly or unwillingly provoke a dog, or if they're not properly trained or socialized," Professional dog trainer Jim Stenfeldt says. 

Stenfeldt has been working with dogs for over 30 years, training them to work with everyone from the disabled to police and US customs. 

He says the first thing to remember in any potential attack, don't run.

"Don't run because it's going to provoke the dog to chase you," Stenfeldt says, "First thing you want to do is casually walk away, don't turn your back to it, but try to put yourself out of harm's way."

Avoid turning your back on the dog or making eye contact. 

"Most dogs won't attack you from the front, unless you make eye contact," Stenfeldt says, "Face them but don't lock eyes with them, because that's a provocation, that's a sign of aggression." 

The things you're carrying can help too. 

"If you're carrying something like a purse or a backpack, put that between you and the dog, so if the dog comes at you, let it bite that," Stenfeldt says. 

 If none of that works, drop down.      

"Do what you call a drop and roll, where you drop on the ground and roll into a ball," Stenfeldt says, "If you get bit, it'll be on your arm or your leg, or you back or something like that, it's still not going to feel good, but you're no longer a challenge to the dog." 

He says while dog attacks are unpredictable, it's best to be proactive and avoid walking into an aggressive situation -- if you can.  

"Be aware of the surroundings so if you see something questionable, just get to a safe spot."

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