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Cooling Livestock At The Clinton Co. Fair


Clinton County fairgoers are trying to stay cool, despite a QCA heat advisory. They're sitting the shade and they're drinking a lot of water.

But the cattle and hogs at the Clinton County Fair can't walk to the concession stand and buy a bottle of water.

"Sheep and cattle don't make a lot of noise when they're overheated where hogs will really let you know by squealing," said Don Swanton, a supervisor at the fair.

Animals can't tell you that they're hot, not with words anyway. So, livestock farmers are responsible for keeping them cool.

"We put up a lot of portable shade so you don't have direct sunlight coming in on the animals," Swanton said. "We make sure we have a lot of fans, a lot of air movement."

Animals are also provided clean water several times a day. It hydrates them and it keeps their body temperature down.

It's an organized system in place to ensure that livestock are comfortable in oppressive heat. Even if we're not.

The Clinton County Fair goes through Sunday, July 21.