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Crowded Course for Final Bix at Six


While a lot of you tried to escape the heat and humidity, others embraced it. Thousands of Bix at Sixers pounded the pavement for this year's final training run, even though a heat advisory had Race Director Ed Froehlich advising runners to steer clear of the course, saying it was just too hot.

He tells us he couldn't cancel the final Bix at Six because staffers have to get the time trials in before the Battle Up Brady next week. So Thursday runners drank a lot of water and played in it, in sprinklers set up on the course. They also looked for shade and walked if they had to.

"Everybody here is looking good tonight," Paul Schmidt tells us. The Cornbelt Running Club member says, "After 30 some years, the community is pretty well aware of it, and we're pretty aware of the conditions. Nobody here is really hammering it too hard. They're smart."

It is traditionally cooler on race day than it is during these Bix at Six training runs. A tradition everyone involved tells us they hope holds true come the 27th.