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Dixon Looking For New Fire Safety House



For the past two years, the Dixon Fire Department has been working with other fire departments, like Amboy, to buy a new safety house.

It's a tool to help kids learn fire safety but the safety house is reaching the end of its line.

"Twenty-five years ago, the Lions Club donated this to the Dixon Fire Department," said Chief Tim Shipman. "Over the years it has been used by other fire departments, but for the past several years it hasn't been used as much out of town because it's really just getting to the end of its life."
Right now, a flashing light and a siren is all that tells kids there's a fire. 

"Basically right now we're trying to have them imagine the doors feel warm and there's smoke underneath the door," said Chief Jeffrey Bryant of the Amboy Fire Department.
So you need a lot of imagination. But both fire chiefs say an upgraded trailer could help kids learn life-saving skills. 

"We can heat the door up, we can put smoke underneath the door, we can also add some audio-visual effects which we're not capable of doing in the current one," said Bryant.
Plus, what to do in other emergency situations.

"The newer ones allow us to do not just fire exiting drills but also 9-1-1 training, tornado or weather warnings," said Shipman.

However, there aren't enough funds to buy a new safety house by themselves. 

"We tried the traditional FEMA funds, due to our population," said Bryant. "We were not able to get funded with a federal grant."
They're turning to the community for help. 

"If we can get out into the schools, it's perfect timing to get with children," said Shipman "If we can teach them about fire safety at a young age, we feel the benefit is great when they get older in life to be much more fire safe."
Saving lives, before the fire starts. 

"Our jobs as firefighters is much less at risk and much better for us when we arrive and everybody's out of the home," said Bryant.