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Pastor Shares Story of Grandson Who Was Buried Alive


Six-year-old Nathan Woessner of Sterling, IL boy is in good condition Sunday night after being buried alive in an Indiana sand dune last weekend. Nathan was trapped for more than three hours under 11 feet of sand at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore while first responders worked to save him.

A coroner was on the scene when first responders pulled Nathan out from under the sand. Everyone expected the boy to bed dead, but then officials noticed a cut on his head beginning to bleed and he started breathing again on the way to the hospital.

Family members said Nathan's lungs were full of sand and he was unable to move, but was conscious.

A week later, family members said he's back to his old self. They said he may suffer lingering lung problems from inhaling sand, but he is expected to make a full neurological recovery.

Nathan's grandfather, head pastor at the First Baptist Church of Galva in Illinois, shared the family's story with his congregation Sunday morning.

Pastor Don Reul was not with Nathan at the time of the accident, but had been with him at a hospital in Chicago for the past week. During that time, he saw Nathan go from being motionless to playing with toys and eating ice cream.

Since the boy is doing better, Reul and Nathan's older brother Jake traveled back home this weekend to share their story.

"I just saw sand and that was it," Jake said, who was in the lake at the time Nathan fell through the sand. "I saw my dad and his friend and my mom digging ... So I just started digging."

"Nathan was buried under so much sand for such a long extended period of time, it takes the maybe out of it and puts it in the miracle category for sure," Pastor Don Reul said. 

Reul said Nathan is expected to come back home to Sterling by the end of the week.