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Davenport Closer To Sewer Backup Plan


It may be a solution to sewage backup issues some Davenport homeowners have seen. And now city leaders are one step closer to establishing a "no-fault" sewer backup reimbursement policy.

It would add two dollars per quarter to every homeowner's sewage bill, which would generate about $200,000 in addition to sewer fee revenue.

This money would specifically go to those who have been hurt by sewer back-up costs.

Alderman Bill Boom says a issue like this could happen to anyone in the city.

"I seem to remember that this was pretty evenly distributed. Yes, we had some high concentrations in some areas of town, especially around duck creek, but I believe dispersion pattern indicates that depending on where rain falls, this could happen anywhere."

Mike Clarke, Davenport's Public Works Director says it's affected every ward and every sector of the city.

"When you have these unfortunate events, rainfalls so high and a period where the river's high and the soil's previously super saturated, the system becomes overwhelmed."

The plan calls for the city to reimburse property owners whose claims are approved, up to $7,500 per building, per year.

Those property owners would be required to install backflow prevention devices and sign a release of any claims against the city.