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Quad Cities Gets Second Place ... In Heart Attacks


New research tonight shows the Quad Cities has the second highest rate of heart attacks of any place in the country.

The highest heart attack rate is in the Huntington, West Virginia area. The Quad Cities is second and Fort Smith, Arkansas is third.

The research by Gallup-Healthways shows that 28.7% of the Quad Cities population have high blood pressure. Also, 21% are smokers. Both of those factors contribute to a 6.7% rate of reported heart attacks.

"It's a little embarrassing that we are at number two," said Dr. Sanjeev Puri, a cardiologist with UnityPoint Health Trinity.

"I think we have really not done a good job in prevention. We need to focus on preventing those people from coming to the hospital or to our office."

On the bright side, the Quad Cities scored very well in overall health -- eating right and exercising on a regular basis.