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Dixon Residents Weigh In On Potential Government Changes



A Dixon committee has spent much of the summer trying to come up with a new model for city government in the post-Rita Crundwell era.
The committee has come up with two choices and the public had a chance to weigh in.

The state of Illinois gives cities four options to cities for how they can organize and operate. Dixon residents voiced their concerns that they don't want the city to continue with the structure it has now. 

This committee has two choices in front of it, keep the current system and hire a city administrator, or scrap it entirely. Residents seem to favor starting new.

Eliminating commission government means elected officials would no longer control individual city departments. The council manager set up would let the council set the goals, and then have a professional staff turn those goals into reality.

The city will make the final choice on this committee's recommendation, but if it chooses to change structures, residents will have the final authority by having a vote on it.

The committee wants to issue its final recommendation to the city before the end of August. Meanwhile, the city is moving forward with hiring a professional administrator to add more oversight into its current form of government.