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Treasure Seekers


For Bob Chilla and Frank Juarez, the thrill is in the hunt. Bob and Frank are member of the Illinois-Iowa Treasure Hunter's Club.

Using metal detectors, the two go looking for treasure on a piece of property in Davenport.

They listen for a sound from the detector, hoping that it has hit upon something  unique buried beneath good old mother earth.

On this hunt, Bob did uncover a rather unique coin. It's a wheat penny. An American coin which goes all the way back to the early 1900's. T "s" on the coin means it was minted, perhaps, in San Francisco.

Years ago, Bob  located a Roman coin in an onion field near Colchester, England. It dates back centuries.

Frank says one of his best finds happened while detecting in Kentucky. He located a time piece.

The Illinois-Iowa  Treasure Hunter's Club meets on the first Thursday of the month. The meetings begin at 7pm at the Bettendorf Community Center.