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A Piece of History


Folks in  Columbus Junction call it their little piece of history. An amusement park. Memory lane all rolled into one.

It is the famous swinging bridge. A bridge originally built in 1886 , it connected Third and Fourth Streets.

The bridge was originally built with pieces  of barrels and leftover wire by Josiah Stewart and friends. He lived at the west end of the bridge and was the first janitor at the schoolhouse.

The bridge was later supported by stilts and did not become a swinging bridge until 1904.

Today, the bridge is 262  feet long, and at its center point, it's about 90-105  feet off the ground.

The city owns the bridge. Jim Gabriel is the volunteer maintenance man in charge of upkeep.

Dorothy Griffin was born and raised in Columbus Junction. As a little girl, decades ago, she remembers riding her bike across the bridge. She roller skated across it.

The bridge attracts several visitors, especially during the summer months. Recently, a family  from New York was  visiting the area, and decided to take that wobbly walk across the bridge.

Over the years, new flooring and cable has been part of the bridge restoration work.