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Easton Valley "River Hawks" Start School


A new year and a new beginning for one local school district -- Easton Valley.

At a special election held one year ago, voters decided the Preston School District and the East Central District in Miles would consolidate.

For months, the consolidation has been the topic of contentious debate. It was even taken to the state supreme court.

But Thursday, the past was set aside as the newly formed Easton Valley "River Hawks" started their first day of school.

A lot of new faces were found roaming the halls of the new elementary, middle school, and high school.

There are still remnants of old school colors and mascots but, for the most part, district staff has created a new environment.

The Easton Valley School District colors are orange and gray and the new mascot is the "River Hawk."

It's a lot to get used to but students and faculty are embracing the changes.

"I catch myself calling it Preston still and there's a lot of new faces which is kind of cool because you're used to being in a small school where you know everybody and now there's new people," said Easton High School senior, Lizzie Meier.

"Students, faculty, the community. We're all just really happy about the situation and we're ready to get started," said Beth McNeil, Easton Valley High School math teacher.

The district spent roughly $50,000 dollars making upgrades and changing logos and colors. That money comes from the local option sales tax.