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World's Largest Corn Head


The future of farming?

A QCA man's invention is going to be head-lining next week's farm progress show in Decatur.

Marion Calmer is a farmer, with a company just south of Orion, Illinois.

He's got a new invention, what he believes is the world's largest corn head.

That's the device on the front of a combine.

When it's time to harvest, most farmers use a 6 to 8 row corn head, but there's an inventor just off route 150 outside of Ophiem who can get those corn farmers even further.

"Corn's a grass, and the most abnormal thing that man has ever done is to take a grass and put it into rows," says Marion Calmer of Calmer Corn Heads

He's been busy inventing better ways to harvest corn for the last 20 years. He holds nine patents, all on products to improve the harvest.

"As a farmer these were some of the things that I needed on my farm," says Calmer.

His fellow farmers will feast their eyes on Calmer's latest invention, the 30 row corn head. Calmer believes it's the world's biggest and another step to getting more corn out of the same amount of land. He estimates he can harvest,

"About a thousand bushel in six minutes."

Compared to his grandfather's day.

"100 bushels a day by hand, and of course yields have gone up," says Calmer.

He's done it without any formal manufacturing or agronomy education. Just a community college degree and the desire to improve American agriculture.

"They taught me how to grow corn, soybeans, and pigs, and I came home with a love and a passion for the industry and the concept of wanting to do it better," says Calmer.

He still isn't done inventing, he's not sure what the next project will be but he knows when he goes home at night his mind will come up with the next big improvement in farming.

Calmer has contacted the Guinness Book of World Records to document his latest invention.

He believes his corn head will take the crown for number of rows installed.