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A Benefit Ride Turns Dangerous


What was supposed to be a ride for a good cause ended up taking a bad turn.

"This guy is a friend of mine and his family are all friends of mine, and we did this benefit we worked real hard try to get him out here, get him on a good ride."

The American Legion Riders in Milan held a benefit in honor of Rob Mazzocco. He's a US Marine veteran who recently came back home from Afghanistan only to find out weeks later that he has terminal colon cancer.

"He's been sick for a month and a half and this was, you know get him out here get him riding and have a decent day," said Troy Tallman, who helped put the benefit together.

Mazzocco and his family were in-side cars riding along an intersection near route 67 heading to their first stop. That's when things took a nasty turn after a vehicle pulled out in front of them.

The vehicle hit Mazzocco, his son Dillon and their driver. All three were sent to Trinity Hospital in Rock Island. 

"They took Rob's son out on a stretcher. He's okay, he's talking but he was bleeding and they put a bandage on his head. Possible neck pains he said his legs were hurting,"said Tallman.

Riders in the motorcade that also saw it happen were in shock.

"I mean here's a guy who's got cancer, and we're making a benefit run for him and he's the one and his family to get hurt," said Mark Fuller of Rock Island.

But they finished the ride in honor of Mazzocco. He and his son were later released from the hospital with minor injuries.