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UPDATE: Strip Club Settles Lawsuit With City Of Davenport



Release from the City of Davenport:

The City of Davenport announces that a compromise settlement has been reached with C.
Line, Inc. regarding its cabaret license. The City has agreed to pay $270,000. In exchange, C. Line, Inc. has agreed to drop its federal lawsuit and any other claims it may have against the City and its employees. C. Line was seeking $561,550 for attorney fees to date and lost profits.

The City has always sought to simply follow its ordinances when dealing with cabaret and business licenses. In order to avoid problems with licensing decisions in the future, City ordinances are being changed to remove City staff from hearing officer roles and to submit disputes to independent decision-makers. On the first reading at its August 28th meeting, the City Council voted unanimously to approve the proposed changes.


After years of court battles there should soon be closure for a Davenport strip club and the city. The city attorney telling us he expects to see a resolution by Friday, August 30th.

While city attorney Tom Warner is not handling this case, we do know there have been settlement talks by attorneys for both sides. This all comes after a federal judge's ruling saying "The Chorus Line" is entitled to restitution; money it lost during the year it was closed by the city.
Back in 2009, city administrator Craig Malin denied the club's license renewal saying it sat too close to "Doctor John's Lingerie Boutique" saying while it had a retail license, it was also an adult entertainment establishment. Per city code both could not be open within 500 feet of each other. 

Lower courts disagreed. 
The Chorus Line is open and operating but its attorney says owners are looking for in the ballpark of $200,000 for the time dancers were not on stage.