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School is Hot in Moline


At 1:15  on a Thursday afternoon - the halls of Moline High School should be full of students.

But on this Thursday - there are filled with nothing but heat and humidity.

"Nothing really get accomplished (on a hot day)," says Dion Firch,  a math teach at MHS. "You can go through the motions. But they (students) don't really remember what's going on. They just want to get into the air conditioning."

Most of the attendance centers in Moline don't have air conditioning. 

On Thursday - temps in Ms. Firch's room reaching triple digits. 

But her room wasn't the only one. 

"For years, I've been checking the temperatures in the different rooms," says Assistant Principal Wayne Cabel. "Yesterday, was the first time it was over 100 degrees."

Cabel has been checking temps all week - and even though the temps outside have been holding steady - they keep rising inside the high school.

"Because we have a brick and mortar building - the heat builds up and it was actually 5 degrees hotter than the day before," Cabel explains. "Even though the temps outside stayed the same."

And unless the heat breaks -he says the temperature in the high school won't be going down anytime soon.

"In the olden days before Columbine and days like that - you could leave all the exterior doors open and the cool air could come through the bottom and flow through the top. Now the air just sits and comes to a boil."

School has been canceled on for Friday, August 29 for the entire Moline School District.