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Labor Day Means More Than Just a Parade


Ola Greer has been living in East Moline her entire life. Her first time at the annual Labor Day parade was 20-years ago and she says it's been a family tradition ever since.

"It's been years ever since my kids were small, and my older son is 40, I believe now."

A tradition that means a lot to her. Greer has been working with John Deere for over 30-years so she knows a thing or to about labor.

"It just makes you feel good because it's all about the labor. It's all about what we do as far as being able to keep jobs and have jobs" she said.

And she's not the only one. Sam Vasquez worked in manufacturing for most his life. He's also chairman of the Local 1309 Retiree of the United Auto Workers union.

Labor to him is just way of life.

"For years and years, all the people that work for a living in manufacturing or whatever related industry or whatever, are thankful for a day to celebrate that," said Vasquez.

A celebration that he holds dear.

"Celebrating that we participated in labor for a long time we worked in the manufacturing plant, and it's a celebration of people that work together in manufacturing.," he said.